Passionate customers make all the difference

Your community of experts is your CX super power, because 88% of consumers trust peer recommendations above all other forms of marketing messaging.

Easily onboard your own Guuru community


It typically takes 3 weeks to a few months in total, from building and engaging your brand community to activating the Community Advice chat on your online store. Activating the chat only takes a few minutes and requires no additional maintenance. For a tailored estimate, book a consultation call.

You define the level of expertise your Guurus bring to the table using your Community Advice test. Additionally, our AI-based algorithm ensures that every shopper is connected to a Guurus who offers instant, relevant and high-quality advice.


The proof is in the high average customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores that community conversations get on average. On average, Guurus respond in less than 60 seconds too. You can take a look at industry-specific KPIs.


You can always get real-time insights into your Guuru’s answer quality on the Partner Portal’s Dashboard at any time.

The tech underpinning our Community Advice Solution, called SmartRouting, recognises all incoming inquiries and instantly routes each question to a instantly-available Guuru with relevant advice.

To add, modern-day shoppers have very high expectations. To them, high-quality answers implies instant, relevant and informative answers from someone they can trust and interact with if they want to ask follow-up questions.


They want answers that help them judge whether a product would fit their preferences and needs. That’s why Community Advice from real customers is inherently one step above many others advice-solutions.

Guurus are rewarded for the time they take to offer support-seeking consumers helpful advice. Our customers incentivise their Guurus using either reward programs or monetary compensation.


Additionally, Guurus enjoy sharing their experience with likeminded people; they are the most passionate and experienced people within your brand community.

The average response time for a Guuru is under 60 seconds. We have fine tuned our algorithm to route incoming questions automatically to Guurus who are instantly available with relevant answers.

Once qualified, Guurus agree to the terms and conditions of offering customers advice. Legally, Guurus are considered freelancers and your company is not legally responsible for the advice the Guuru offers your customers.


You can always view and manage all community conversations from the Partner Portal.